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2) Instant feedback for AutoCAD users: You can add feedback in several ways to help you improve your drawings.Drawing comments can be added to a drawing.Comments can be entered into the job ticket history.Questions can be added to the text of the drawing in the drawing tab.Questions can be added to a question box on the drawing.It is also possible to add a comment or question to your drawing from the command line.Questions: Ask questions of your drawings (e.g. for assistance or to verify assumptions). Answers may be stored in the drawing. The questions are displayed in the drawing window as you type.Help: A document that explains commands, tools, and features in AutoCAD.Paintbox:Use the new Paintbox feature to quickly create and annotate a drawing. (video: 1:43 min.)2) Interactive tooltips: Tooltips are a new way to explore and interact with AutoCAD. Tooltips appear at your cursor when you mouse over a tool or object. The tooltip offers useful information about a tool, object, command, or feature.3) New block types: Appearances and other block properties are now available in the Block Palette.4) New rendering engine: The rendering engine in AutoCAD has been completely redesigned.5) Extensive documentation: A new online Help and Training Center offers an extensive library of AutoCAD training videos.6) New digital surfaces: The digital surface feature is now available to designers working on 2D and 3D drawings. This feature allows you to quickly create complex 3D surfaces, such as wireframes and boundary surfaces, without manually creating line geometry. You can also use the command line to create complex digital surfaces. (video: 1:20 min.)7) Refining the new Ribbon: The Ribbon is now smaller and more consistent in appearance.8) New 4K display: When you work in 2D or 3D drawings, you can now choose the size of the display.9) New zoom and pan features: You can zoom in and out of drawings by using your mouse or keyboard. You can also pan around the drawing window and zoom using the scroll wheel on your mouse.10) New options to change how AutoCAD displays your drawings:Display options include:Toolbars 2be273e24d


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